Using a Sports Roller Plus Massage Therapy to Treat Your Muscles Right

Using a foam roller coupled with massage therapy is probably the best one-two combo for your tight, aching muscles. Without a doubt, regular sports massage therapy sessions is the best way to take care of your muscles, especially if you are an athlete or a very active individual. But if, for any reason, it is not feasible for you to have regular sports massage therapy, then the next best thing is to use a sports roller in between sessions. Using a sports roller will give you some of the benefits of massage therapy without the high price and the hassle of booking a massage therapist.

Just like massage therapy, a sports roller can help stretch your muscles and tendons and break down scar tissues and soft tissue adhesions. Another benefit of masasge therapy is that it can improve blood circulation. It is important for blood to circulate properly in order to facilitate healing and the recovery of muscles. Using a sports roller can also improve blood flow, especially to the soft tissues of the body. And the best thing about using a sports roller is the fact that it utilizes an individual’s own body weight.

Massage therapy can be used before and after a majot sporting event or a strenous physical activity. If used before an event, it can pre-stretch the tendons and can make the muscles less susceptible to injury. If employed after a strenous physical activity, it can help break down and remove lactic acid from the muscles to allow them to recover faster. A sports roller also has the same effect and can also be used both before and after a strenous physical activity.

However, using a sports roller should not be considered as a replacement for sports massage therapy. The best thing you can do is to use a sports roller as a support to massage therapy.