Types of Massage Therapy

Types of Massage Therapy

Are you an athlete who finds it hard to recover after a strenuous event? Or maybe you are feeling all sorts of pain in your body. Then you should know that you have more options than just simply popping a pill. You can actually turn to massage therapy. There are many types of massage therapy. Two of the most popular ones are discussed below.

Sports Massage Therapy

If you are an athlete or a very active person then you should know that you will greatly benefit from sports massage therapy. Some people think that this kind of massage therapy offers only physiological benefits. But the truth is, it provides psychological benefits as well. Sports massage is actually not a particular type of massage but a combination of different massage techniques such as Swedish and Shiatsu. Sports massage therapy can be applied before or after a sporting event. During off-season, athletes can also benefit from sports massage therapy as a form of maintenance.

Sports massage therapy offers many benefits. For athletes, the most obvious benefit is the reduction or elimination of muscles tension and pain. It can also increase muscle flexibility and release stress in the joints, ligaments and muscles for better performance. Sports massage therapy can also help regulate heart rate and blood pressure and remove toxins from the body by stimulating the lymphatic system and improving blood circulation.

Remedial Massage Therapy

Remedial massage therapy is a holistic treatment that can serve as a safer and more effective alternative to drugs in addressing problems such as headache, backache and stiff muscles. The best thing about this kind of massage therapy is that it actually benefits the whole body not just the area being treated. What makes remedial massage therapy effective is the fact that it speeds up the body’s repair and healing mechanism.

Remedial massage therapy works by restoring balance in the body. When balance is restored, body parts tend to function optimally.

Depending on your need, sports massage therapy and remedial massage therapy can help you address your health concerns and restore wellness in your body and mind.

(Please talk to your GP before seeking any type of treatment)