Sports Massage VS Deep Tissue Massage

Massage therapy involves the stimulation and manipulation your skin and muscles manually. There are various types of massages available based on your health and what you hope to achieve with the massage.

There are two common types of massage which are deep tissue and sports massage. Finding out the difference between two of them can help know which will be the best choice for you.

Many people find it difficult to differentiate between a deep tissue massage and a sports massage. This article will take a look at the two massage and their differences.

Deep Tissue Massage

A deep tissue massage is just like its name implies. With this type of massage the pressure is adjusted to control the deeper tissue layers within the body. The part that may be confusing for people is what the deeper tissue layers are. This simply refers to all the tissue layers that are found on top the muscle but not the muscle itself.

Unlike a sports massage where the therapist works very deep and all the way through the muscle, a deep tissue therapist will work only on the layers of the muscles and not go in deeply. This particular pressure is still effective and okay to stretch stiff muscles and any tension that has built up overtime or due to injury. A certified and trained massage therapist should be in charge of this kind of job.

Sports Massage

On the other hand, sports massage has to do with soft tissue muscle manipulation with the main aim being to prevent sports injuries or improve and enhance such injuries. In this aspect, the therapist involved has a better, wider technical and medical knowledge and knows how to properly apply the techniques needed.

The therapist involved needs to have the knowledge in order to effectively and efficiently manipulate the muscles safely without destroying or causing more damage to the delicate tissue. This has to be taken very seriously because if not well planned and executed this can cause severe injury to the muscle. This type of massage should be done by well trained and certified specialists and therapists.

Sports massage major focus is on improving sports performance, improving flexibility and taking care of injuries or possible injuries. People have several reasons for choosing a deep tissue massage and they include reducing stress, improving circulation, lowering the amount of toxins in the body, relieving tension and minimising physical pain.

Sports massage is majorly for athletes such as people who train several days of the week for a sports competition or event. These people could make use of massage as part their warm-ups to reduce the chances of them getting cramps.

People who use deep tissue massage cover a wider scope ranging from working people to students and do not take part in certain activities or events and do not need to have an injury to take a deep tissue massage.

If you ever need to have a sports massage for your injury, it is important to search for a therapist that is certified and qualified before accepting to work with anyone.