Sports Massage Therapy for Runners

If you are serious about running then you are probably looking for ways to improve your performance and to help your body recover faster. Apart from regular training and a healthy diet, you should also look at the benefits of sports massage therapy for runners. If you are not familiar with sports massage, it is the managing, manipulating and rehabilitating soft tissues of the body. The soft tissues are the muscles, tendons and ligaments. For runners to be able to perform well, they need to have muscles that are strong and elastic in order to have a more stabilized motion, more power and less stress.

Below are some of the benefits of sports massage therapy for runners.

It can relieve tightness/tension

The most obvious benefit of sports massage therapy is that it can relieve that tightness and tension in the muscles of the body. Sports massage can stretch and lengthen the muscles in a much deeper and more specific way than simply stretching them after a run.

It can improve blood flow

Improved blood flow helps in healing and rejuvenating fatigued or injured muscles. Sports massage therapy can therefore hasten the healing process.

It can help increase flexibility

An increase in flexibility can improve the range of motion and mobility of joints. In turn, this could help reduce the chance of an injury occurring or reocurring. This shows the link between sports massage and injury prevention.

It can help break down scar tissue

Sports massage can promote the healthy formation of scar tissue so that it will form in a natural, strong linear pattern. A buildup of scar tissue can cause tightness and weakness in the muscles.

It helps in lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage can help reduce inflammation and swelling. Sports massage can also help in the removal of lactic acid in the muscles.