Sports Massage to Get You Through Triathlon Season

A triathlon event is a very tough event, one that can put the muscles of the body under tremendous stress. If you are a triathlete, then you know that the key to success in an event is to prepare well. Training for an event can also be tough. If the body is not conditioned well, then the greater the chance that a triathlete will suffer an injury. To survive triathlon season, a triathlete must prepare both his body and his mind. One of the secrets of some of the most successful triathletes out there is regular sports massage. Here’s how sports massage can get you through triathlon season.

Because it involves three physically demanding activities – running, swimming and biking – triathlon can take its toll on the human body. Almost all the muscles of the body are used in a triathlon event. And this is the reason why, proper conditioning is important. Sports massage can help in conditioning the body and also in helping the body recover after a tough training session or competition. Massage improves blood circulation. What this means is that it helps in the efficient delivery of nutrients to the muscles for faster healing and recovery. Massage can also help in flushing out metabolic waste from the body, which in turn can also lead to faster recovery and healing.

Faster recovery between training sessions means that an athlete will have more time training and gaining strength and skills and less time recovering. Apart from allowing the body to recover quickly, regular massage also has an effect on the mind of an athlete. It allows an athlete to reconnect with his or her body. This body-mind connection is the usually the missing ingredient to a triathlete’s preparation and it can spell the difference between failure and success, defeat and victory.