Massage Therapy for Your Quads

Many active people, especially athletes, think they know everything there is to know about their quads and how to take care of it. The truth is there are many misconceptions about this muscle group. One of the biggest of these is related to stretching. Many people regularly stretch their quads especially after working out. But the truth is, it is extremely hard to stretch most of the quads. Instead of stretching the quads, a more effective way to treat and to maintain the muscle is through massage therapy for the quads.

Aches and pains

When you are feeling some pain in your quads, you need to know that this is probably caused by a knotted muscle. Sometimes, pain in the quads can contribute to other problems in the legs such as pain the knees. This is why pain in the quads should be treated right away. As mentioned earlier, stretching the quads is impossible and that the best way to deal with quad pains is massage therapy.


Because the quads is a large group of muscles, it is prone to suffer from injuries and strains. For athletes, it is normal to suffer from thigh contusions. In using sports massage to treat contusions, it is important not to start too early otherwise a bone growth could develop within the muscle, a condition known as Myositis ossificans. It is important to consult only with a certified massage therapist, one who can properly check if massage therapy can heal or add more problems.


Massage therapy is also very effective in treating strains. This is because massage helps to improve the circulation of the blood. With proper circulation, nutrients can be delivered fast to the affected areas of the body and thus hasten the healing process.

Always keep in mind that only certified massage therapists can provide massage therapy for your quads.