Massage Therapy for Lower Back Pain

If you have lower back pain and you have tried different treatments already but none worked then you should give massage therapy a try. You are probably a lot of questions about massage therapy. You are probably wondering: How can massage therapy help me? What kind of massage is good for me? How can I find the right massage therapist?

You should know that massage therapy for lower back pain is nothing new. The effectiveness of massage therapy in treating back pain has been proven by science. In a 2001 study by the American Massage Therapy Association, it was discovered that the number of adults getting a massage from therapists doubled since 1997.

The study also outlined the many benefits of massage therapy. It shows that massage can improve blood circulation, relaxes the muscles, aid in the recovery of sore muscles. Massages can also increase endorphin levels. This is actually one of the greatest benefits of massage because an increase in endorphins can have many positive effects on the body. Endorphins are a group of chemicals that can help you feel good and can help manage chronic pain.

In another study done in the same year, it was revealed that massage therapy lessened lower back pain. It also helped address other health concerns such as anxiety, depression, and insomnia. Massage therapy also improved range of motion.

Massage therapy for lower back pain is now recognised as an effective form of treatment. In a survey of healthcare providers, more than half said that they will encourage their patients to pursue massage therapy as an adjunct to medical treatment.

So if you have lower back pain, it wouldn’t hurt you to try massage therapy. It might be the treatment that you are looking for. The one that can help get rid of the pain.