Massage Therapy for a Tired Muscle

After a vigorous physical activity, your muscle will naturally feel tired. Nothing feels better for a tired muscle than a good massage session. But a massage is not only for relaxation. It can actually do more than make you feel good. There is actually a massage therapy for tired muscle and it is very effective. Numerous studies have shown that massage can help in reducing pain and in assisting the muscles to recover. Many health and sports professionals believe that massage can ease inflammation, reduce muscle tightness and improve blood flow.

But to understand how massage therapy for tired muscle work, one needs to understand how sports and vigorous activities affect the muscle. Vigorous exercise can cause small tears in the muscle fibers. This can lead inflammation, which is the immune system natural reaction whenever a part of the body gets injured. Massage therapy for a tired muscle works by reducing the production of compounds known as cytokines. This compound plays an important role in inflammation. Massage therapy also stimulates the mitochondria, which is known as the powerhouse of the cell. The role of the mitochondria is to convert glucose into the energy needed to repair tissues. 

Massage therapy does not only help tired muscles recover. It can also make the muscles adapt better to the demands of sports and exercise. Massage therapy is better than taking painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs that can cause more harm than good especially when it is used for an extended period of time. Massage does not only suppress inflammation, it also helps in cell recovery. Getting a massage from a trained therapist is more expensive than taking a pill. But it is more effective and safer.

So the next time you feel some muscle soreness after a vigorous physical activity, get a massage instead of popping a pill.