Is Sports Massage Good Before & After Competitions?

A good athletic training regimen should include sports massage therapy. Some people consider massage as a passive activity. But the benefits that this modality offers to athletes are hard to ignore. Without sports massage therapy in the picture, it is easy for athletes to experience burnout and even get injured.

Sports massage can help the body recover from intense physical activity. Sports massage can help speed up the process. For an athlete, a quick recovery is important especially when competitions are spaced just several days apart.

If you are not familiar with sports massage then one of the questions that is probably in your mind right now is: Is sports massage good before & after competitions? The answer to this question is yes. Going to a sports massage therapist before an athletic event can help pump oxygenated blood to the muscles. This can help athletes perform at their best. This is what is commonly termed as peak performance.

Getting a massage after competition can help prevent a condition known as muscle splinting.  This is a painful condition where the muscles stiffen and eventually leads to muscle spasm. If you have ever experienced lower back pain before then that’s how painful muscle splinting is. But you can avoid having to experience this painful condition by getting a massage after an event.

If massage therapy is not yet a part of your training routine then you should look for a qualified sports massage therapist right away. Keep in mind that you should get a massage before and after a competition.