Having a Massage Therapy Routine to Avoid Injuries

Did you know that a massage is actually an ancient form of therapy? The main reason why it has endured the test of time is that of its effectiveness. It is a proven method when it comes to improving overall health and emotional wellbeing of an individual. In massage therapy, the muscles of the body is manipulated by a therapist. The method is used to stimulate the deep tissues in order to facilitate healing and helping the body relax. And yes, it can also help athletes and active individuals avoid injuries.

Sports massage therapy helps to improve and maintain the health of muscles and the connective tissues. This is the main reason why it is very effective in helping prevent injuries. It relaxes the muscles while at the same time helping maintain muscle tone. It can also improve a person’s flexibility and increase his or her range of motion. Using specific techniques, a trained therapist can manipulate the muscles, tissues, tendons and ligaments of the body to restore elasticity and improve strength. This results in better movement and it makes the body more resistant to injuries.

Muscles can become tight and short over time. Muscles that are short and tight are more prone to injuries. Regular sports massage therapy can help keep the muscles loose and flexible therefore decreasing the risk of suffering from tears and strain. Massage can also help improve blood circulation to facilitate the delivery of much needed nutrients and oxygen to the muscles. This can relieve muscle stiffness and tension and optimize muscle and ligament health.

Massage can also improve the mental wellbeing of an individual by helping release natural chemicals called endorphins. The improved mental state of the athlete can help him or her become more alert during events minimizing the chance of injuries from occurring.