Dos and Don’ts of Sports Massage After Swimming

If you are swimmer then you can benefit from a regular massage session. However, there are dos and don’ts of sports massage after swimming that you should keep in mind.


Stay hydrated

Just because you have been swimming, it doesn’t mean that you are not losing water. You should keep yourself hydrated especially if you want to get a massage after swimming. You don’t need to drink any fancy drink. Water will do.

Express pain and discomfort

Do not hesitate to tell your therapist if you are experiencing any pain and discomfort. If you are injured, then massage can make it worse.

Go only to a reputable therapist

Not only therapists are created equal. Some are better than others. Be sure that you go to a certified massage therapists, especially if you have health concerns. An unqualified therapist can make matters worse and can cause more health problems.

Go to an experienced therapist

Make sure that the therapist has experience in working with swimmers. As mentioned earlier, not all therapists are the same.

Get a massage a week before a big swimming event

Make sure you get a relaxing massage a week before a big swimming competition. This will condition your muscles to work better.


Don’t get a massage in an enclosed space

This is for your own safety. The session must be done in an open space especially if it is during an event. It is also a good idea if your coach can see what the therapist is doing.

Don’t get a deep tissue massage immediately before an event

Getting a deep tissue massage 48 hours before an event can create muscle breakdown and soreness.

Don’t get a massage if you are feeling dizzy

Let the therapist know if you are feeling dizzy. Maybe you are dehydrated so drink some water first.

Don’t experiment with a new massage technique

Don’t experiment with a new massage technique especially a day before a big event. Just stick with a proven technique.

Don’t suffer through a painful massage

If you are feeling pain the tell your therapist right away.