Different Sports Massage Techniques

If you are interested to try sports massage then you should know that there are different sports massage techniques that you can try. One of the things that you should know about sports massage is that it is more complicated than a regular massage. It must also be administered by a certified sports massage therapist and not by a regular masseuse. Unlike regular massage, sports massage, is not really meant to provide relaxation although it can help people feel better. This kind of massage has a specific goal and that is to help athletes and active individuals to perform better in whatever sport or activity they are doing.

Below are different sports massage techniques available to athletes and active individuals.

Compression massage technique

Muscles need to be compressed especially when they are used a lot as in the case of athletes and active individuals. In this type of sports massage technique, direct pressure is applied in the muscle that is being treated and in the surrounding area. A compression massage can help muscles to relax. It can also combat muscle spasms that can be quite painful.

Cross-fiber friction massage technique

This massage technique involves the use of intense rubbing motion across the opposite direction of the fibers of the affected muscle. This technique is very effective for muscle fibers that have suffered from heavy strains during a sporting event or any other physical activity.

Deep pressure massage technique

Athletes and active individuals often develop sore spots in different parts of their bodies due to continuous physical activities. The deep pressure technique can help treat knotted contracted and cramped muscle tissues.

Kneading massage technique

The difference between sports massage and regular massage is that the former uses more force, particularly the kneading massage technique. Sports massage therapists use big and strong moves and try to grab as much muscle tissues as they can.

Consult a sports massage therapist to know which sports massage technique is the best for you.